Chocolate Celebration Cake without Eggs or Butter

Being in self isolation with my elderly mother has really caused me to think about making the best use of our provisons. Today is her birthday. She keeps her age to herself, but I can share with you that she is in her nineties and it is a very special day that unfortunately cannot be shared by other family members due to Covid19 this year. … Continue reading Chocolate Celebration Cake without Eggs or Butter

National Eucalyptus Day

Here in Australia we are celebrating National Eucalyptus Day today, 23 March 2020. The fossil evidence for the first known Eucalypt was from the Tertiary 35-40 million years ago. There are over 900 species of Eucalypts in the Family Myrtaceae in Australia. I share with you my favourite Eucalypt that is growing in a friend’s yard. It is the lemon scented gum, Corymbia citriodora. It … Continue reading National Eucalyptus Day

What to Plant in March

Today is the first day of autumn and this is the first Planting Guide of the season. The following is a list of vegetables and herbs that  you can plant in March in Sydney, a temperate zone. Just click on the name for the growing guide for each vegetable: Amaranth Beans – broad beans, fava beans Beetroot Broccoli transplant seedlings Brussels sprouts Cabbage Carrot Daikon … Continue reading What to Plant in March