Potato and Sausage Star

This lovely brunch or breakfast recipe uses potatoes, flavoured with herbs and cheese made into a delightful ten pointed star shape using your favourite sausages. Here we have used frankfurts that are so easy to cook with. You could however, cook any sausage to shape the star. The result is an attractive centrepiece that makes a very tasty and satisfying meal. Potato and Sausage Star … Continue reading Potato and Sausage Star

Baked Eggs with Capsicum, Tomato and Potato

The sweet red capsicum, slowly cooked with potato and the caramelised sweetness of the Spanish onion with the flavourful tomatoes makes the perfect bed for cooking eggs to perfection in the oven. The vegetable mix can even be prepared ahead making this a quick and oh so tasty breakfast, brunch or light lunch. Baked Eggs with Capsicum, Tomato and Potato Ingredients: 1 large capsicum 1 … Continue reading Baked Eggs with Capsicum, Tomato and Potato

What to Plant in August

The following is a list of vegetables you can plant in August in Sydney, a temperate zone. Just click on the link for the growing guide for each vegetable: Amaranth Artichokes in pots Beetroot Cabbage in seed trays Cape Gooseberry Capsicum in pots Chilli in pots Eggplant in seed trays Kohlrabi Leeks in seed trays Mustard Greens Onion Parsnip Peas Potato Radish Rocket Snow Peas … Continue reading What to Plant in August