Spiced Plum and Walnut Upside Down Torte

The love affair with Summer plums continues with this recipe for an upside down torte.  Bringing together a spicy base with a tasty plum topping and the crunch of walnuts it is just the thing for an afternoon tea. Spiced Plum and Walnut Upside Down Torte Ingredients: Cake: 9 President Plums, or other plums 1 cup of Self Raising flour 100 g light brown or … Continue reading Spiced Plum and Walnut Upside Down Torte

Growing Chillies

  Although Chillies are sown in August, the plants grown in Sydney are now bursting with fruit in the garden. Grantham gardener Anjali has some amazing chilli plants growing that are full of fruit. Here is some information on growing these colourful and tasty fruits in your home garden. Growth habits and planting needs Chilli plants love a hot sunny aspect and love humidity so … Continue reading Growing Chillies

Spiced Stewed Plums

Plums are in season and there is a wonderful choice to eat fresh and to cook.  This recipe will bring you a simple but luscious stewed  mix of President and Angelina plums. The purple skins create a thick and delicious syrup to pour over ice-cream. Spiced Stewed Plums Ingredients 5 President plums, stoned and halved 6-8 Angelina plums, stoned and halved 1/3 cup sugar 1 … Continue reading Spiced Stewed Plums

Potato, Cheese and Parsley Omelette

February in Sydney is still hot and humid. This quick and easy omelette and a green garden salad is the perfect lunch. It can also be  served with some Turkish bread oiled and covered with salt flakes and nigella seeds (black cumin seeds) and baked for a few minutes till it is crisp and delicious. Potato, Cheese and Parsley Omelette Ingredients 4 organic free range … Continue reading Potato, Cheese and Parsley Omelette

Red Lentil and Potato Patties

2016 is the International Year of Pulses and over the year we will be bringing you some interesting recipes to join in the celebration of these nutritious foods. We will try to share recipes that add pulses to seasonal vegetables so that each month you will have some new ways to add pulses to your diet. Our first recipe uses red lentils, French shalllots, herbs … Continue reading Red Lentil and Potato Patties

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Enjoying and Growing Pulses

The year 2016 was nominated as the International Year of Pulses. We joined the activities by listing recipes on this page along with links to information pages for growing various pulses in the home garden. Check out the recipes and growing information below. Last year we grew Chickpeas with success and you can see the plant in the banner of this post and photographed below. … Continue reading Enjoying and Growing Pulses

Zucchini Cake with Brandied Fruit

The abundance of zucchinis this summer has inspired another cake recipe that you may enjoy.  We use fruit that has been macerated in brandy and add grated zucchini including the skin to give some colour to the finished cake. The result is a moist flavourful cake. Zucchini Cake with Brandied Fruit Ingredients 3/4 cup butter 1 cup sugar 3 eggs 3 cups Self Raising flour, … Continue reading Zucchini Cake with Brandied Fruit