Pickled Red Onion Rings

Pickled onions have always been a favourite but these homemade pickled sweet red onion rings are so easy to make that there is no excuse for not having them on hand. They will enhance your salads and sandwiches or meats with their spicy, sweet and vinegary flavour. With their vibrant pink colour, pickled red onion rings are both attractive and delicious. Pickled Red Onion Rings … Continue reading Pickled Red Onion Rings

What to Plant in November

The following is a list of vegetables and herbs you can plant in November in Sydney, a temperate zone. Just click on the name for the growing guide for each vegetable or herb: Artichokes Asparagus crowns Basil seedlings Beans (bush and climbing) Beetroot Borage Broccoli Cabbage Cape Gooseberry Capsicum Carrot Celery Chives Coriander Cucumber Eggplant Jerusalem Artichoke Lemon Balm Lettuce Luffa Marrow Okra Parsley Peanut … Continue reading What to Plant in November