Creamy Potato, Sage and Chicken Pasta

This recipe belongs to the ‘cucina povera’ or cooking recipes of the poor, from Italy. It was a way to use a few leftover potatoes and anything you may have in the fridge to create a lovely, tasty dish to feed your family. In this case I had two small chicken breast pieces and two large potatoes and some sage leaves. Individually these are not … Continue reading Creamy Potato, Sage and Chicken Pasta

What to Plant in February

The following is a list of vegetables and herbs that  you can plant in February in Sydney, a temperate zone. Just click on the name for the growing guide for each vegetable or herb: Amaranth Beans (dwarf) Beetroot Broccoli Brussel sprouts Carrot Cauliflower Chives Cucumber Endive Fennel Kohlrabi Leeks Lettuce Mustard greens Onion Parsley Radish Silverbeet Swedes Turnip Zucchini Plant of the Month – The … Continue reading What to Plant in February