Zuppa Inglese-a Classic Italian Trifle

  Zuppa Inglese – a Classic Italian Trifle Zuppa Inglese is a traditional Italian dessert that layers chocolate and vanilla custard with sponge finger biscuits soaked in Alchermes liqueur or sweet fortified wine. This recipe uses cornflour custard in place of egg custard to make a lighter version of the desert that is  so delicious. Ingredients: Savoiardi Biscuits Dessicated coconut or  finely crushed Amaretti Biscuits … Continue reading Zuppa Inglese-a Classic Italian Trifle

Slow Cooked Leg of Lamb with Vegetables

The slow cooker is wonderful for cooking any cut of meat and in the summer it does it in an energy efficient way and without creating heat in the kitchen. In this recipe we use fresh vegetables from the garden and cook a whole leg of lamb in the crock pot. When cooked, the lamb is flavourful and moist and just falls off the bone … Continue reading Slow Cooked Leg of Lamb with Vegetables

Growing Land Cress

Land Cress or Barbarea Verna is a wonderful plant for the home vegetable garden as a dead end trap for the eggs of butterflies, like the cabbage butterfly. The caterpillars hatch and die after eating the leaves of the land cress which is rich in saponins and toxic to the caterpillars. In doing so it acts as a biological pest control agent. This beneficial plant is … Continue reading Growing Land Cress

What to plant in January

The following is a list of things you can plant in January in Sydney, a temperate zone: Amaranth Beans (dwarf and climbing) Beetroot Carrot Chives Cucumber Egglant seedlings Kohlrabi Lettuce Marrow Mustard Greens Okra seedlings Parsley Radish Silverbeet Sunflower Sweet corn Turnip Zucchini Plant of the Month – Hibiscus Margurite – (Rare heirloom, double – purple, mauve, pink) Continue reading What to plant in January