Minestrone with Borlotti Beans and Kale

The last of Summer’s fresh borlotti beans are still available and this recipe for a hearty minestrone of beans, vegetables and kale is perfect for dinner. If you are in another seasonal zone you can use tinned or dry borlotti beans that have been soaked overnight. This delicious and nutritious soup is a meal on its own. Minestrone with Borlotti Beans and Kale Ingredients: 1 … Continue reading Minestrone with Borlotti Beans and Kale

Greek Red Easter Eggs

Happy Easter to all our gardeners and followers! The Greek people have a wonderful Easter game called  tsougrisma (τσουγκρισμα) which means ‘clinking together’ or ‘clashing’ and uses Red Eggs, or eggs that are hard boiled and then coloured using red food dye. The colour of the egg represents Christ’s suffering and death on the cross.  The cracking symbolizes Christ’s resurrection from the tomb or new beginnings. … Continue reading Greek Red Easter Eggs

Rosemary Chicken and Potatoes

We have just harvested our potatoes and so this recipe for pan roasted chicken and potatoes cooked in white wine with fresh rosemary is a satisfying and delicious way to cook them. The potatoes are tender and flavourful and the chicken is moist. Rosemary Chicken and Potatoes Ingredients: 6 skinless chicken thigh chops (with the bone in) or thigh fillets 4 medium potatoes, peeled, cut … Continue reading Rosemary Chicken and Potatoes

Eggs in Tomato Sauce or ‘al funghetto’

This is a traditional dish from the Friuli region in the north of Italy and is an easy meal that you can quickly prepare for lunch or a light dinner. I have used organic free-range eggs and some oven  roasted tomato sauce made from the sweet summer tomatoes harvested this summer. Eggs in Tomato Sauce or ‘al funghetto’ Ingredients 3 eggs, boiled and cooled then halved … Continue reading Eggs in Tomato Sauce or ‘al funghetto’

George’s Fabulous Chilli Oil

Chillies are are at their colourful best and ripening ready to use in a multitude of recipes. George has shared his wonderful recipe for chilli infused oil and we hope that you will enjoy the making it and using it to enhance the flavour of everything  you cook.   George’s Fabulous Chilli Oil Ingredients: 250g well ripened Chilli’s  1/2 cup Whisky  1 L Light Olive … Continue reading George’s Fabulous Chilli Oil

Growing Cabbages

Growth habits and planting needs Cabbage is a hardy annual cool-weather crop that is easy to grow and is an important vegetable, protective against cancer and for lowering cholesterol when cooked for a short time or eaten raw. In fact, the humble cabbage is one of the oldest known vegetables and was  known to the Ancient Greeks and Romans. If your garden is small you … Continue reading Growing Cabbages

Red Lentil and Silverbeet Soup

This soup is quick to prepare and  combines the health giving nutrients of whole red lentils with iron rich goodness of young silverbeet.  We used silverbeet that was organically grown in our garden and so was very tender. For this soup we also used dry roasted cumin seeds and coriander seeds (organically grown and harvested from our garden) prepared and ground at home. This released … Continue reading Red Lentil and Silverbeet Soup

Chicken Schnitzel Home Made

Chicken schnitzel is easy to make and a tasty, crisp meat to serve with a garden salad, mashed potatoes or other vegetables of your liking. I particularly like schnitzel as an accompaniment to buttered noodles with cheese. This recipe uses chicken breast fillets sliced thinly and contrary to expectation the schnitzels are not dry but flavourful, moist and crisp. Chicken Schnitzel Home Made Ingredients: 4 … Continue reading Chicken Schnitzel Home Made