Chicken, Leek, Fennel and Mushroom Pies

The chicken pie is a classic dish and the delicious creamy filling with the crisp shortcrust pastry shell, makes such a satisfying meal. It is perfect for using left over roast chicken that you may have, transforming it into something special. Here we are using individual pie plates. In this recipe, the leeks and fennel give sweetness to the tender chicken. The sauteed mushrooms cooked … Continue reading Chicken, Leek, Fennel and Mushroom Pies

Quick Sauteed Mushrooms

Mushrooms are delicious and meaty if cooked simply. The Italian way of cooking them is quickly, so that the moisture is retained inside the mushrooms rather than adding any liquid to the pan which then causes them to release their moisture and poach in their own juice and become flat and unappetizing. This recipe uses fresh button mushrooms, garlic, fresh parsley and freshly ground black … Continue reading Quick Sauteed Mushrooms

Smoked Kransky, Potato and Tomato Stew

Kransky sausage as it is are known in Australia, or Carniolan sausage, actually originates in Slovenia where it is known as kranjska klobasa. Kranjska sausage originated from the region of Carniola which used to be a duchy of the Austrian Empire and so is also used in German cooking where it is called Krainer Wurst. In Italy it is known in the dialect of Triest … Continue reading Smoked Kransky, Potato and Tomato Stew

Spiced Plum and Ricotta Cake

Plum and ricotta cake is a lovely mixture of flavourful spiced plums, and is delicately flavoured with lemon zest and vanilla and topped with the light crunch of flaked almonds. It is light with a slightly more dense texture than other lemon cakes. The blend of the spicy plums is perfect for the moist, rich tasting ricotta cake. I particularly love spiced stewed plums. The … Continue reading Spiced Plum and Ricotta Cake

Zucchini, Speck and Tomato Lasagna

Lasagna is such a versatile food that can be adapted to use whatever you have available as long as you can bring out the best in the flavours of your ingredients. In this case the humble zucchini was the central ingredient. As it is generally such a mild vegetable there was the possibility of it being overwhelmed with the bechamel sauce and cheese. So I … Continue reading Zucchini, Speck and Tomato Lasagna