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What to plant in November

The following is a list of things you can plant in November in Sydney, a temperate zone: Artichokes Beans, (bush and climbing) Beetroot Broccoli Cabbage Cape Gooseberry Capsicum Carrot Celery Cucumber Eggplant Jerusalem Artichoke Lemon Balm Lettuce Luffa Marrow Okra Peanut Pumpkin Radish Rocket Rockmelon Silverbeet Spring Onions Sweet Corn Tomato Turnip Watermelon Yacon Zucchini Flower of the Month – Beautiful Purple Carrot Flowers Continue reading What to plant in November

Growing Globe Artichokes

The globe artichoke (cynara scolymus) is a native of the Mediterranean area and related to the thistle.  It has been documented to have been eaten in Greek and Roman times. Globe artichokes can be planted from August to November so there is still time to include this wonderful architectural plant if you have the space in your garden. Growth habit and planting needs The globe … Continue reading Growing Globe Artichokes

Everything Zucchini!

Some time ago, our dedicated and knowledgeable gardener, Deborah shared some of her great zucchini recipes with us. To inaugurate our blog, we post these delicious recipes here with many thanks to her for her generosity and great contribution to our garden. Here are Deborah’s recipes with her comments. ZUCCHINI CAKE Ingredients: 4-5 zucchini 3 eggs 2 cups sugar 2 tsp vanilla essence ½ cup oil … Continue reading Everything Zucchini!