Portulacaria Afra and its role in Carbon Capture

Portulacaria Afra, commonly known as the dwarf jade plant, elephant bush or spekboom, in Afrkaans, is a succulent plant originating in the east of South Africa and popular around the world as a houseplant and also used for bonsai. Perhaps you have some growing at home.  I wanted to share with you its beauty and its potential for carbon sequestration. This amazing, yet widely grown … Continue reading Portulacaria Afra and its role in Carbon Capture

Fascinating Garden Visitors -Stick Insects

  Every year our garden is visited by the amazing Titan Stick Insect (Acrophylla Titan) and its usually found in the guava tree doing its best at really looking like a branch of the tree.  It is about 25 cm long and takes quite an observant eye to spot. They usually feed on the eucalyptus tree, a large specimen of which is nearby, but they … Continue reading Fascinating Garden Visitors -Stick Insects

Buddah’s Hand Citron

On a visit to the garden of our friend Merren we discovered this rare and interesting fruit tree, the Buddah’s hand citron. It is grown  in Asia where there are many cultivars and variations of this plant and it was exciting to find it growing so well in Sydney. The gnarled fruit, when mature, looks like a hand with fingers. The  fruit pictured is still to … Continue reading Buddah’s Hand Citron