Happy New Year 2022 !

A Happy New Year to all followers, gardeners and visitors to The Grantham Gardener.  I wish you good health, prosperity, and peace. You may have wondered why the posts have been so sparse over the last months. I have been putting a lifetime of things into boxes. Over the last two years I have been locked down in Melbourne due to Covid19 and its restrictions … Continue reading Happy New Year 2022 !

Happy Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day in Sydney. Wishing all mothers a wonderful day surrounded by love. This is the Oriental Lilium ‘Stargazer’, a hybrid with blooms that face upwards on really strong stems. They are very fragrant and attract butterflies. ‘Stargazers’ can grow to a height of 36 inches with a spread of 10 to 14 inches with 2 to 8 flowers per stem. This lovely gift has … Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day

Merry Christmas from the Grantham Gardener

Christmas in this Covid19 year is like no other before it. In spite of the restrictions that limit numbers people in the home, we gather as best we can in Sydney.  We are thankful for the blessing of family and friends, the technology that keeps us connected and the bounty of food on the table to share with those we love. No matter where you … Continue reading Merry Christmas from the Grantham Gardener