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Delicious Australian Grown Apples from Orange

Early this morning at Parklea Markets in outer Sydney we were spoilt for choice for the finest apples and pears brought to us direct from the premier fruit growing region of Orange in NSW. With those magnificent apples, just picked, crisp and delicious, it was hard to decide which varieties to buy this week. Then there were the many different varieties of sweet pears. I … Continue reading Delicious Australian Grown Apples from Orange

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Enjoying and Growing Pulses

The year 2016 was nominated as the International Year of Pulses. We joined the activities by listing recipes on this page along with links to information pages for growing various pulses in the home garden. Check out the recipes and growing information below. Last year we grew Chickpeas with success and you can see the plant in the banner of this post and photographed below. … Continue reading Enjoying and Growing Pulses

Asparagus, Silverbeet and Potato Soup

Fresh Asparagus and silverbeet and the creaminess and density of the potatoes come together well in this healthy soup. It is quick to prepare and easy to make and is a great starter to a meal served with crusty bread. Asparagus, Silverbeet and Potato Soup Ingredients: 2 bunches of fresh asparagus spears. Snap the spears. Reserve 2 of the tips for each bowl to garnish the … Continue reading Asparagus, Silverbeet and Potato Soup

What to Plant in January

The following is a list of vegetables and herbs that  you can plant in January in Sydney, a temperate zone: Amaranth Beans (dwarf and climbing) Beetroot Carrot Chives Cucumber Egglant seedlings Kohlrabi Lettuce Marrow Mustard Greens Okra seedlings Parsley Radish Rosella Silverbeet Sunflower Sweet corn Turnip Zucchini Plant of the Month –  The fragrant Magnolia champaca – Joy Perfume Tree     Continue reading What to Plant in January

Roast Chicken with Forcemeat Stuffing

Roast chicken, golden brown and made with a delicious stuffing, makes a great centrepiece for your New Year’s Eve celebration meal  or for New Year’s day. By preparing all the ingredients ahead,  it is so easy to assemble and bake. Serve with your favourite vegetables and other accompaniments. So prepare your table and chill the champagne  and have a wonderful celebration! Roast Chicken with Forcemeat … Continue reading Roast Chicken with Forcemeat Stuffing

Classic Pesto Genovese Sauce

Classic Pesto Genovese sauce originates in Genova the capital of  Liguria, Italy. It is made using seven ingredients: fresh sweet basil leaves, pine nuts, Parmesan cheese, Pecorino cheese, garlic, rock salt and olive oil. In Italian, the word pesto means to crush and this how the sauce is produced, by crushing all the ingredients. To get the best flavour the basil leaves are crushed rather … Continue reading Classic Pesto Genovese Sauce