Veal and Sage Saltimbocca Rolls

In Italy, Saltimbocca is a dish that is traditionally made of the tenderest young veal with sage and prosciutto between two escalopes held together with tootpicks and cooked flat. It is also often made into “little birds” by rolling up each escalope that is covered in the best proscuitto and fresh sage leaves. These are cooked in a delicious sauce of dry white wine and … Continue reading Veal and Sage Saltimbocca Rolls

Classic Italian Vitello Tonnato

This beautiful classic dish from Piedmont in Italy brings together tender veal and a delicious tuna and caper sauce. It may seem an unusual combination but it really does work. Marinaded overnight in white wine with tuna and vegetables, then cooked in the slow cooker the veal is super tender and the vegetables and tuna are minced with the additions of capers and lemon juice … Continue reading Classic Italian Vitello Tonnato