What to Plant in November

The following is a list of vegetables and herbs you can plant in November in Sydney, a temperate zone. Just click on the name for the growing guide for each vegetable or herb:

Plant of the Month – The beautiful Malus ioensis’plena’ – (Betchel’s crab apple)

Malus ioensis ‘plena” or Betchel’s crab apple is a spectacular ornamental, deciduous tree that is the last of the blossom trees to flower in late Spring.

IMG_20201016_165842-Flowering crab apple

This flowering crab apple has a well balanced erect vase shaped form with clusters of serated leaves, and grows to about 4.5m x 6m in height at maturity. It is a good choice of tree if you have a smaller garden.

In late spring it produces crimson buds. As these open, the buds lighten in colour and the double, pale pink, flowers cover the entire tree in a beautiful mass of sweetly scented, densly clustered blooms that are attractive to bees and other pollinators. In temperate Australia it flowers between October – November.

It really is a stunning specimen tree on its own or as a part of your flower garden attracting native birds and butterflies.

IMG_20201016_165852-Flowering Crab Apple2

The showy blooms are followed by small green fruits.  Depending on the Autumn temperature, Malus ioensis’ leaves colour well, turning shades of vivid orange and dark red before falling.

Here is the full grown Malus ioensis ‘plena’ in glorious bloom. As you approach you become aware of the heavenly scent and the buzzing of happy bees. Click on the picture to get a closer look:

IMG_20201016_165852-flowering crab apple2

Planting and Caring for Malus ioenis ‘plena’

The Malus ioensis ‘plena’ crab apple is a hardy tree that thrives in a range of conditions and once established requires little care or pruning.

The tree can be bought bare rooted in winter or potted at other times of the year.

When you decide to plant your tree find a sunny location with plenty of room to accommodate its future growth. Keep at least 2m clear of sewer main or connection.

Your site should have good drainage so if you have clay soils plant into raised beds.

It prefers a slightly acidic, alkaline or neutral soil and is not suitable with soils that have a high pH.

Before planting, dig over the soil well, incorporating well rotted compost and aged manure. Dig the planting hole wide enough for the root ball and too allow the roots to spread well.

After planting, water in well with a liquid seaweed fertilizer and  add mulch (keeping clear of the trunk) to stop evaporation and keep root area cool during warm weather.

Keep watering deeply every two weeks in the first six months and through the first summer to establish the tree well.

After the tree is growing well it will have moderate water requirements and no pruning is required except to keep the shape you desire for your site. Its pleasing shape should not need much care with careful planning before planting.

It is slow growing in the early years but in full bloom it is a wonder to behold no matter the size.

Give an annual feed of a balanced slow release fertilzer in the spring.





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