Cape Gooseberry and Apple Pie

Cape Gooseberry and Apple Pie The cape gooseberry, also known as the ground apple and tomatillo is now ready for harvest and perfect to use in this apple pie. The slight tang of the cape gooseberries balances the sweetness of the apple perfectly. Cape Gooseberry and Apple Pie Ingredients: Pie Crust: 230 g plain flour 30 g cornflour 1 1/2 tsp baking powder 125 g … Continue reading Cape Gooseberry and Apple Pie

Growing Cape Gooseberry

The cape gooseberry fruit is quite delicious when fully matured and with care is well worth planting in the home garden. Growth habits and planting needs This unusual plant has a fruit that is a golden berry ┬áis inside a papery “cape”. The Cape Goosberry is native to Brazil but will grow well in sunny Sydney. It is the size of a cherry tomato with … Continue reading Growing Cape Gooseberry