Happy Easter

To all our gardeners, our friends and followers we wish you you a Happy Easter!

Christós anésti, Buona Pasqua, Joyeuses Pâques, Felices Pascuas, Feliz Pascoa, Frohe Ostern, Schöni Oschtere

We have been busy colouring eggs a bright Easter red. You can see how to boil the perfect eggs and then colour them at the link here.

IMG_20160327_075641-red eggs 4

This beautiful tradition is followed in many places throughout the world.  Some make elaborate decorations on their eggs and also use bright colours to bring joy to the Easter feast.

easter-2216435_1920-Decorated Eggs2
Beautiful hand coloured and decorated Easter eggs

In this age of consumerism this is a wonderful and sustainable way to celebrate with Easter eggs. Especially if you use the natural colours of vegetables to dye the eggs, such as onion (orange), tumeric (yellow), beetroot (pink to red),  purple cabbage (blue). If you would like to learn how to dye your Easter eggs naturally with everyday ingredients check out this link:


Colouring the eggs  is lots of fun but in the Greek tradition they use the red eggs to play the game Tsougrisma. Each person at the table takes a red egg and holding it firmly gripped, challenges the person next to them to tap the top of their egg  and try to break it.  The winner with the unbroken egg then challenges another person and so on around the table until one person remains with an unbroken egg.

The winner is fated to have good luck for the year ahead.  Not only is the game fun and brings lots of laughter to the Easter table as people try all kinds of methods to win but then you can eat the hard boiled egg as well!

IMG_20160327_133806-Tsougrisma 2

Enjoy your Easter Sunday with family and friends!


Easter recipes:

IMG_20160327_062924-red eggs 3


Greek Red Easter Eggs



Slow Cooked Leg of Lamb



Aunty Pat’s Chocolate Cake
















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