My Two-in-One Lime

Gardening can sometimes give us a surprise. This “Siamese” lime grew on the lime tree in my garden and I watched as it developed.

IMG_20180302_124415-Siamese lime

It was such a cute shape that I was wondering what the internal structure of such an unusual fruit would look like.

Well, today we finally cut it open and what a sight. A lime with backbone! It was extra juicy too.

IMG_20180403_144659-Siamese lime 2

I was wondering if anyone else has found a fruit of any type twinning in this way? Do let us know.

Here is my “Siamese” lime with another normal shaped one below:

IMG_20180302_124442-Siamese lime-2

The joy of gardening in a Sydney autumn is a luscious harvest like this cute lime and perfectly ripe mango.

IMG_20180302_125531-siamese lime and mango


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