Guava, Pecan and Crumble Torte

Pecans and guavas are in season in Sydney and we are blessed with a bumper crop of each this year. This cake combines these two fruits into a dense nutty torte with a crumble topping, perfect with a good dollop of double cream and cup of coffee or tea. Guava, Pecan and Crumble Torte Ingredients: 120g pecan nuts, finely ground 450g  ripe pink guavas 125 g … Continue reading Guava, Pecan and Crumble Torte

Fascinating Garden Visitors -Stick Insects

  Every year our garden is visited by the amazing Titan Stick Insect (Acrophylla Titan) and its usually found in the guava tree doing its best at really looking like a branch of the tree.  It is about 25 cm long and takes quite an observant eye to spot. They usually feed on the eucalyptus tree, a large specimen of which is nearby, but they … Continue reading Fascinating Garden Visitors -Stick Insects

Fresh Guava with Lime and Sugar

The Guava trees are laden with fruit and the fragrance permeating the house from the harvested pink guavas is amazing. This is a simple way to enjoy the flavour and freshness of guavas and reap the benefit of their high vitamin C content. In fact, the vitamin C of one guava is equivalent to that of 5 oranges. Fresh Guava with Lime and Sugar Ingredients: … Continue reading Fresh Guava with Lime and Sugar