Delicious Australian Grown Apples from Orange

Early this morning at Parklea Markets in outer Sydney we were spoilt for choice for the finest apples and pears brought to us direct from the premier fruit growing region of Orange in NSW.

With those magnificent apples, just picked, crisp and delicious, it was hard to decide which varieties to buy this week. Then there were the many different varieties of sweet pears.

I have written before about the great fruit that is brought to us every weekend by fruit growers Boris and Rod Ostini and thought it was time to remind those who live in the Sydney area to get to Parklea Markets and buy the best value, crispest apples and sweetest pears you will ever taste.

Every weekend, grower, Boris Ostini, is always there with a ready smile and his wonderful fruit.

Look out for Stall No. 257 and the this banner:

IMG_20151220_090031-Apples from Orange banner

This is what I bought today: Corella and William pears, Granny Smith, Fuji, Jonathan, Jonagold, Snow, Gala and Sundowner. I can’t describe the heady perfume of the apples upon opening the shopping bags when I got home. Needless to say I have munched my way through two already!

IMG_20170520_092948-Basket of apples and pears

Here is a just selection of what was on offer today…so many varieties:

IMG_20170520_072744-Apples in bins
Jonagold, Snow and Gala apples.
IMG_20170520_072717 -Apple Bins 2
Buy as many as you need or try a mixture to experience each apple’s unique flavours and textures.
IMG_20170520_072804-Apples 6
Granny Smith apples perfect for you pies and cakes and superb for eating fresh as well.

IMG_20170520_072751-Apples 7

Thanks Boris and Rod for bringing us fresh Australian apples, pears and other seasonal fruits every week. We city slickers salute all the fruit producers of the Orange region and I encourage everyone to come along and taste the wonder of this fruit for yourself!

I repost two images that Boris shared with us of the farm in Orange . What an amazing sight.

IMG_0105-the orchard in Orange

IMG_0916-orchard in winter


 Apple Recipes:


Peach and Apple Pie


IMG_20160614_120925-Choko and apple pie

Choko and Apple Pie with Streusel Topping


IMG_20160525_121117-Roasted red cabbage and sausages


Roasted Red Cabbage, Sausage, Apple and Pumpkin


IMG_20160204_164319-apple and lemon tea cake


Apple and Lemon Tea Cake


IMG_20160303_154052-Apple Pie

Apple Pie with Cinnamon




Sweet Silverbeet, Apple and Brandy Pie



IMG_20160204_190939-apple, banana and sultana cake


Apple, Banana and Sultana Cake


IMG_20151225_163302-Plum and apple pie


Plum and Apple Pie

Pear Recipes:

IMG_20160508_200423-Stewed Pears small


Dominique’s Stewed Pears in Spiced Wine Syrup



Pear Upside down cake


Spiced Pear Upside Down Cake




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