Happy Easter

To all our gardeners, our friends and followers I wish you a Happy Easter!

Christós anésti, Buona Pasqua, Joyeuses Pâques, Felices Pascuas, Feliz Pascoa, Frohe Ostern, Schöni Oschtere.

Also – Chag Kasher V’Sameach to all our Jewish friends who are celebrating Passover.

I have coloured my red Easter eggs (see this link for how I coloured them) and the traditional Easter food and Easter treats are ready for that special family meal.

IMG_20160327_075610Red eggs in basket

Now its time to see who will win the traditional Greek game Tsougrisma.

Each person at the table takes a red egg and holding it firmly gripped, challenges the person next to them to tap the top of their egg  and try to break it.  The winner with the unbroken egg then challenges another person and so on around the table until one person remains with an unbroken egg.

The winner will have good luck for the year ahead.   Wish me luck!


Whatever your own family traditions are, celebrating in the beauty of the northern hemisphere spring or in the warmth of the southern hemisphere autumn,  I wish every reader of this site a happy Easter Sunday shared with loved ones and friends.

IMG_20170425_150141-Easter Table




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