Support Our Farmers

One way to support our farmers through the difficult drought times that the Australian agricultural sector is facing is to go the extra mile to seek out and buy Australian grown produce. So much effort and care has gone into the production of the fruit and vegetables that we buy each week and we should support our local farmers.

IMG_20180901_124525-Boris Ostini
Boris Ostini brings his fruit to us at Parklea every week. Its always service with a smile.

In fact, many growers bring their wonderful produce directly to us in the cities and suburbs, to our local markets.  Rod and Boris Ostini do just that. They bring a wide variety of the freshest apples, pears and other seasonal vegetables all the way from the fruit producing region of Orange to Parklea Markets, in outer Western Sydney, every weekend and have been do so for many, many years.

IMG_20180901_124504-Parklea markets Sept 2018Last Saturday there were many different varieties of wax free apples, pears as well as potatoes, sweet potatoes and silverbeet on offer As always, they were the best and the freshest and at great prices.  You can pick your own or buy by the box. The sweet fragrance of the pears and the crisp crunch of the apples are delightful and testament to their freshness.

IMG_20180901_124515-Apples September-18
The many varieties of apples are wax free and so fresh.

You can check out the variety of summer fruits that they will be bringing us later in the year outlined in earlier posts here: and here

I encourage everyone to be pro-active about supporting our farmers and to go out to Parklea Markets on the weekend and see for yourself. You will be impressed. Rod and Boris are the only growers selling direct to the public at the Parklea Markets. Lets get behind them and support their efforts.

IMG_20180901_124520-Apples 2 Sep-2018
As the adage says, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away!”

You can find Rod and Boris at stall 257. Look out for this banner:

IMG_20151220_090031-Apples from Orange banner

Thanks Rod and Boris. We love your produce and appreciate the fact that you come such a long way every week to bring it to us.


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