Apples and Summer Fruit from Orange

What an abundance of Australian grown summer fruit: nectarines, peaches, apricots, plums, new season apples, pears, figs, mangoes , the summer delicacy, prickly pears and much more were available this morning at Parklea Markets in outer Sydney.

Fruit growers, Rod and Boris, brought them to us, as they do each week, direct from the farm in the premier fruit growing region of Orange, NSW. The stall was just buzzing with people keen to buy some of this wonderful fruit.

You will find many varieties of fresh and crisp apples, pears and stone fruits full of flavour for the selection at affordable prices. Additionally the many varieties apples are wax free.

I encourage you to get out to Parklea Markets and get the freshest apples and summer fruit in Sydney. Look out for Stall No. 257 and the banner in the header of this post. Eat the delicious fruit fresh, or make jam.

Support our local farmers and get the best that NSW fruit growers offer.

Here are some of the photos I took this morning. So much colour and variety!!

IMG_20180210_075607-Fruit 7
Just some of the many varieties of apples available
IMG_20180210_075631-Fruit 3
Plums and delicious white peaches.
IMG_20180210_075543-Fruit 2
Apricots, Angelina plums and peaches.
IMG_20180210_080958-Fruit 6
Potatoes, apples and pears.
IMG_20180210_075930-EFFECTS-Fruit 5
Plums and Doughnut peaches.
IMG_20180210_075809-Fruit 4
The delightful Paradise pears and Doughnut peaches.
IMG_20180210_081158-Fruit 9
Yet more plums and white nectarines.
We just gobbled up these sweet plump figs the moment we got them home!

Thanks Boris and Rod for bringing us fresh Australian apples, pears and other seasonal fruits every week. We salute all the fruit producers of the Orange region and I encourage everyone to come along and taste the wonder of this fruit for yourself!



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