What to Plant in August

The following is a list of vegetables you can plant in August in Sydney, a temperate zone. Just click on the link for the growing guide for each vegetable:

Plant of the Month – The deliciously fragrant-Nemesia caerulea (rhubarb and custard)

IMG_20191031_114328-Nemesia rhubarb and custard

(click the image for an enlarged view of the flowers)

The beautiful Nemesia rhubarb and custard, with its bright, bicolour shades of delightful deep violet and gold is a stunning plant for any garden, perfect for borders, rockeries, pots and hanging baskets. It is so effective in mass plantings in garden beds.

The colour and the heady strong, heavily vanilla scented flowers make it a delight for the senses. Nemesia is perfect for pots on patios where its scent can be appreciated or near an open window.

Nemesia rhubarb and custard is fast growing and easy to care for, reaching a size of 30- 35 cm wide and 30-40 cm high

Nemesia  thrives in cool or hot weather staying in bloom much longer than other plants. Fully grown, it has a nice, compact form with a rounded habit, that is covered in blooms for many months.

Its dense covering of flowers are most profuse from spring to autumn, though Nemesia also has some flowers even in winter. The plant will benefit from a light pruning after flowering to keep its bushy growth and encourage new flowers.

Plant in a well drained, humus rich soil with a pH of 5.5-6.2 . Add perlite or vermiculite to potting mix for good drainage to prevent root rot. Nemesia prefers full sun but will also grow in a semi shade aspect.

Nemesia rhubarb and custard is a hybrid that is sturdy and is able to tolerate warm temperatures. In hot Sydney summers they may benefit from early morning watering and mulching to prevent evaporation and keeping roots cool but do not over-water. Giving shade to potted plants in the heat of summer will extend the life of the blooms.

Though it is frost hardy as a mature plant it is a good to protect young plants from frost.




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