Happy New Year 2021!

As the sun rises on a new day of a new year we look forward with hope for better times and new beginnings.

A Happy New Year to all followers, gardeners and visitors to The Grantham Gardener.  I wish you good health, prosperity, and peace.New-Year-2021 5856706_1920May your garden bloom and be bountiful with seasonal produce to fill your table with good food.

My wish for you all, especially those in Sydney, is that this year may return to us the joy of family and friends gathered around our table to share the laughter!

Happy 2020 from Annaofgreengables.

garden bounty-696164_1920

A Plant for New Year’s Day

My plant of the day today, New Year’s Day, is the beautiful Kangaroo Paw, native to Australia. Its qualities and characteristics make it a great emblem for the new year, a plant that rises again from the ashes.

It gets its name from its flowers, which are often red, furry, and shaped like a kangaroo’s paw. The long and tubular flowers provide nectar, a high energy food for many birds, mammals and insects. Click on the image for more detail)Kangaroo Paw-491073_1920

The kangaroo Paw is a great survivor. It is rhizomatous, like perennial grasses and can survive fire and drought and even being eated to the ground by kangaroos and other animals. Its scattered seeds are germinated by fire and the rhizomes survive below the ground to sprout again.

To read further and see the different varieties of this wonderful plant, all the beautiful colours and forms and the best way to grow it do visit the following link:


Happy gardening and cooking in 2021!



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