Merry Christmas from the Grantham Gardener

Christmas in this Covid19 year is like no other before it. In spite of the restrictions that limit numbers people in the home, we gather as best we can in Sydney.  We are thankful for the blessing of family and friends, the technology that keeps us connected and the bounty of food on the table to share with those we love.

No matter where you are celebrating today, no matter how humble or restricted the circumstances, I wish all followers, visitors and gardeners a peaceful and happy Christmas. Merry Christmas

IMG_20181224_144856-Christmas pudding and cakes

The plant featured on this post is the beautiful Banksia Menziesii that grows only in Western Australia. It is named in honour of Archibald Menzies (1754-1842), surgeon-naturalist on board the HMS Discovery, on the Vancouver Expedition that discovered and named King George Sound, near Albany, in Western Australia in 1791.

The flowers grow up to 8 cm across and 12 cm high with a range of colours that are two toned, most commonly a combination of deep red and pink but others include cream, gold, burgundy, bronze and chocolate. (Just click on the image to see it in more detail)  Banksia flowers always remind me of nature’s candles.


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