Merry Christmas from the Grantham Gardener

Christmas in this Covid19 year is like no other before it. In spite of the restrictions that limit numbers people in the home, we gather as best we can in Sydney.  We are thankful for the blessing of family and friends, the technology that keeps us connected and the bounty of food on the table to share with those we love. No matter where you … Continue reading Merry Christmas from the Grantham Gardener

Merry Christmas from the Grantham Gardeners

Its another sunny, Sydney Christmas day on this side of the world. Summer’s bounty of fruit and vegetables from the garden graces our Christmas table, as family gathers for a feast of traditional food that originates in the colder climates of far away lands, as well as the freshest seafood of our own country. What a blessing! To all who read this: gardeners, followers and … Continue reading Merry Christmas from the Grantham Gardeners

Dominique’s Cherry Tart

This delightful cherry tart can be made with this season’s ripe fresh cherries or out of season with preserved cherries.  It has a thin biscuity crust and is not overly sweet, making it a delicious dessert to serve with a good custard or ice cream. The pastry and the cherry filling can both be made ahead of time making the preparation really easy. Many thanks … Continue reading Dominique’s Cherry Tart

Cherry Macaroons

As Christmas approaches it is time to start making all those wonderful Christmas biscuits that bring back memories. These simple cherry macaroons are on old time favourite and this is Elena’s recipe for delicious macaroons that have those Christmas colours. Cherry macaroons Ingredients 1 can of Condensed Milk 250 g dessicated coconut red and green glace cherries Method Pre-heat the oven to 180 C Line … Continue reading Cherry Macaroons