Eating Seasonal Vegetables in Winter

The real benefit of growing your own vegetables is being able to eat seasonally. However, it is easy for anyone to choose vegetables that are in season as the basis of their diet. Not only are seasonal vegetables fresh, plentiful and well priced but they can also be sourced more locally and so will have travelled fewer miles to reach us which makes for sustainable consumption as well.

Another benefit is that by making an effort to eat seasonally we will actually vary our diets and include vegetables that we may not have tried before, giving us a healthy balance and a variety of vitamins and minerals and other nutrients that each fferent vegetable contains.

What follows is a list of  the seasonal vegetables of winter and a selection of recipes from this site to encourage you cook and enjoy them. If you search the site for these winter vegetables there may other recipes that have been posted in the past that you can enjoy.

I hope this will encourage you to eat seasonally and that you will try out one of the many recipes on this site that uses winter vegetables.



Beetroot:    can be roasted, baked in cakes, pickled, made into soup or used to colour Easter eggs. Here I have used it to add colour to Pink Pickled Turnips or Turshi Left img_20160915_120236-turnip-pickles-3



broccoli plants

Broccoli: quick, easy and very tasty in Angie’s Spaghetti with Cauliflower and Broccolini IMG_20160815_140918-Spaghetti with cauliflower and broccolini






IMG_20160414_075509-Brussels sprouts 2

Brussels sprouts: an excellent and delicious way to cook brussels sprouts is Oven Roasted Brussels Sprouts.IMG_20160414_150343-oven roasted brussels sprouts




IMG_20151114_085023-Cabbage E

Cabbage: Red cabbage and the other winter vegetables are a great combination in Roasted Red Cabbage, Sausage, Apple and PumpkinIMG_20160525_121117-Roasted red cabbage and sausages






IMG_20130526_160904-Carrot harvest

Carrots: A real winter comfort food using carrots is Slow Baked Lamb Shanks with Polenta IMG_20160501_150459 -2








Can be cooked as a delicious soup as well as being a great accompiniment to any meat when steamed or cooked as cauliflower gratin.




Celery: is used in many recipes that use the classic mirepoix, the combination of celery, carrots and onion that  is used in the warming  Vegetable Pasties and Soup IMG_20151119_122245-baked pasties2





Choko: Small chokos are so tender when steamed and dressed with extra virgin olive oil and lemon.  This is a dessert: Choko and Apple Pie with Streusel ToppingIMG_20160614_120925-Choko and apple pie




Fennel: is wonderful thinly sliced in salads or sliced and baked with fish.



IMG_20151026_181430-Jerusalem artichokes


Jerusalem Artichokes: are really delicious baked with other vegetables in the oven.




IMG_20151114_084948 (3)Kalee growing

Kale: This hearty minestrone uses winter vegetables and the best of summer’s beans: Minestrone with Borlotti Beans and KaleIMG_20160330_112054-Minestrone








Kohlrabi is delicious grated or sliced thinly in coleslaw and cooked in soups. Also try steaming the small and tender leaves




Leeks: This recipe brings together a combination of winter vegetables; Roasted Potato, Cabbage, Leek and Bacon PieIMG_20160606_140333-Potato, cabbage and leek pie



IMG_20160612_115153-brown onionsOnions: This is just one of the many recipes using onions on this site;

the warming: Ossobucco alla Fiorentina 
IMG_20160825_153812-Ossobuco 1

IMG_20160728_122203-Parsnips 2

Parsnips: are delicious baked and in Spiced Parsnip and Potato SoupIMG_20160817_131649-Spiced parsnip soup


Potatoes:  Here is one of the many recipes that use potatoes, the quick and satisfying Frico of Potato and CheeseIMG_20160107_173901-cheese and potao

IMG_20160515_104904-Autumn pumpkins

Pumpkin: What could be more warming in winter than Roast Pumpkin and Chickpea Soup IMG_20151115_141529-bowl of punpkin and chickpea soup


Silverbeet:  Silverbeet is such a long growing vegetable that lends itself to so many ways of cooking it. Why not try Silverbeet DolmadesIMG_20151115_215624 -Silverbeet Dolmades and Tzaziki




vegetables-1125420_1920-Spinach harvest



Spinach:  can be used to make Spinach Frittataimg_20160903_110718-frittata







Swedes  Roasted Root Vegetable soup uses swedes to give their unique flavour.IMG_20160802_095550-Root vegetable soup




IMG_20170608_124657-Sweet potatoesSweet potato    Autumn quiche is perfect using the multi-coloured varieties of sweet potato.  IMG_20160517_110354-Autumn quiche 3




Turnips: We have already posted the link to Pink Pickled Turnips which also use beetroot to add their distinctive classic colour.



IMG_20160813_154818-Yacon Tuber


Yacon: can be sliced into salads and fruit salads as well as being baked or stir fried.

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